Ductwork Repair

Common Reason to Call for Ductwork Repair

Call us if you're having one or more of these duct problems! We can help you figure out exactly what is causing it, and can fix it ASAP.

  • Leaking ducts due to wrong joints & seals being used by the installer
  • Warm air blowing when it's supposed to be cold, or vice-versa, which could mean under-insulated ducts
  • Unbalanced airflow from room to room
  • Other problems like holes or damage, due to rodent infestations

Common Signs of a Faulty Duct

Noticeably high utility bills

Your utility bills will be higher when you’re running your HVAC system. But if they’re significantly higher or lower than normal, gauge the raise on the local Pacific Northwest temps, and then consider having your ducts checked out.

One room is too warm or too cold when the rest of the house is comfortable

If you have a single room that is consistently a different temperature than the rest of the house, you may have a problem with the air ducts getting proper airflow.

Little or no airflow from the vents

When the AC or furnace turns on but you feel no air coming from the vent, you have a ductwork problem. Something could be blocking the duct or the duct needs to be replaced.

Air filter gets dirty faster than normal

Routinely changing your air filter is important for indoor air quality and can relieve allergies, but you shouldn’t have to change it monthly. A filthy filter every four weeks means something is getting into that ductwork and you have a compromised duct.

Streaks of dust at the registers

Are your registers filthy? If you clean them really well and then check them a month later, do you see a streak of dust or dirt at the registers? If you do, you could have a leak.

Broken, crushed, or even missing ductwork

Examining your own ductwork is a good way to inspect your ducts before you call a professional. Do you see a broken duct with a hole in it, or even a missing duct? If you  do, call us!

Contact Our Ductwork Repair Experts Today!

When you need ductwork repair, your home will not feel as comfortable as it should. By contacting our duct repair experts, we'll help you design, install, and/or repair duct systems using our years of experience. We stay up-to-date on all energy-efficient solutions available in the area to help you save money and keep you comfy.

PJ MAC Ductwork Repair Company values our customers' time and we arrive on time to scheduled appointments. With our expert technicians handling your duct issues, you can sit back and relax since you know that the job will be done right the first time.

Reasons to Hire PJ MAC for Ductwork Repair

  • Prompt, reliable ductwork repair service with over 32 year's worth of experience
  • We arrive promptly and can diagnose and fix what other companies can’t
  • Honest work at competitive prices, with 0% financing opportunities

Schedule Your Ductwork Repair Now

Having your ductwork professional repaired will provide even heating and cooling distribution throughout your whole house. Call (833) 756-4822 today or request an estimate from us online. We will schedule your ductwork repair appointment promptly!

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