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The lifespan of a central air conditioner is usually 10 to 15 years. With proper maintenance, ductless mini split systems will last 12-18 years.

You've done a fantastic job if you've kept your air conditioner going for over a decade with routine maintenance. For many years, you've been used to getting consistent cool weather. However, it can be unexpected when the air conditioner unexpectedly breaks down due to age.

You may want to fix whatever is causing the device to malfunction. PJ MAC HVAC will help you with this, as well as provide an accurate diagnosis of the issue and an objective opinion about whether you should fix or replace it.

When Do You Replace Your Air Conditioning?

If your air conditioner is between the ages of 10 whether 15, and you're having issues or breakdowns, it's time to fix it. If you are regularly spending money on maintenance, it could be more cost efficient to invest in a new air conditioning system up front and reap the long-term savings: no recurring air conditioning repair expenses, no high energy costs due to system inefficiency.

When it comes to device inefficiency, an older air conditioner that is continually breaking down and running poorly will cost you more money in the long run. You may be wondering why your bills are the despite the fact that your air conditioner appears to be functioning normally - but it is actually underperforming due to age or inappropriate installation.

Choosing the Right Size for Your New Air Conditioner

Ensure that the power of your new air conditioner suits the needs of the area the device would cool, whether you're selecting a central air unit, ductless mini split, or another air conditioner. This will ensure the maximum performance and, as a result, lower maintenance costs.

In most cases, proper sizing entails calculating the square footage of your room against the new AC's cooling capacity output, which is typically expressed in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The higher the BTU level, the more efficient the air conditioner and the more efficiently it can cool a room.

A ‘short period' occurs when an air conditioner is purchased that is too big for the room. When the air conditioner does not run for long enough to dehumidify the place, it is called a short cycle. Furthermore, the AC can turn on and off more often, increasing running costs and shortening the useful life of the machine.

A small air conditioner, on the other hand, would work continuously to keep the space cool. This will increase your utility bills, and the device will be unable to efficiently cool the room.

At the end of the day, proper sizing is important for optimum efficiency. Make the most of your air conditioner by measuring the area to be cooled, estimating your BTU requirements, and properly sizing the device. Remember that too much will make your house stuffy, and too little is never enough. Our experts will assist you in determining the appropriate AC size for your requirements.

What can we do to assist you?

PJ MAC HVAC's air conditioning expert in Havertown will present you with repair or replacement options. If you choose replacement, we'll get right to work:

To decide the proper air conditioner unit size, we will evaluate your cooling needs based on the size of your home and your family's preferences.

With so many brands and models to choose from, we'll help you narrow down your options by asking you about your preferences: do you want the highest efficiency, the most cost-effective option, or the most long-term dependable option? Do you want to install a ductless mini split system in your home?

We will purchase and install a new air conditioner for you. We'll uninstall your old air conditioner and ensure that your new one is properly installed, charged, and ready to provide you with complete home comfort.

Our Havertown air conditioning installation services are designed to provide you with long-term comfort. For your complete safety and security, all installations adhere to local codes. We make the installation process quick and easy for you, so you don't have to think about anything!

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