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As summer comes, a central air conditioning system provides welcome relief from the rising heat and humidity outside. A properly designed and installed HVAC system will provide several years of quiet, cost-effective comfort while also aiding in the improvement of indoor air quality. Homeowners who have an air conditioner that is more than eight years old may benefit from replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient model. In reality, replacing an older 10 SEER air conditioner with a new 13 SEER system can save up to 30% on annual cooling costs.

Understanding Air Conditioners 

To cool the indoor air, all air conditioners use the same basic technology. As low-pressure refrigerant reaches the compressor and exits as a high-pressure gas, the refrigeration cycle starts. The gas enters the condensing coil, where the fan motion dissipates heat and converts the refrigerant to a high-pressure liquid. The indoor blower draws warmer indoor air over the evaporator loop, where it is absorbed by the refrigerant. The cooler air that results is then forced back into the living air through the supply duct.

Air conditioning equipment is available in three basic configurations:

Split-system air conditioners include an outside condensing appliance and an indoor furnace or air handler. The two sections of the device are connected by copper refrigerant lines. Split systems are very quiet since the condensing fan and compressor motor are mounted outside. The evaporator and air handler are more efficient when they are located indoors.

Package Units: Package units, which are typically mounted on rooftops for light commercial and residential applications, incorporate the evaporator coil, blower, condensing coil, and compressor into a single device. Package units are suitable for installation sites with limited space.

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps, which are available in both split system and package unit configurations, are distinguished by their ability to provide both heating and cooling from a single unit. When the thermostat mode is reset, a system called a reversing valve adjusts the direction of the refrigerant flow.

Installation of Air Conditioning

A professional Paoli air conditioning installation often starts with proper system design. This involves performing load calculations on the living area and sub-domains to assess the equipment's capacity specifications. Poorly built air conditioning systems may fail to sufficiently cool every area of the house, and some rooms may remain hot and humid even though the system is running. As a result, contractors that do not perform full ACCA Manual J load calculations should be avoided.

The installation of a well-designed air distribution system is also a critical component in a fully integrated system, in addition to selecting the right equipment to fit the interior load. This involves sealing and double strapping all joints and ties to ensure that excessive bends or sagging do not damage the ductwork's integrity. An inefficient air distribution system can cause friction loss and decrease performance.

Sales and service of air conditioners

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