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Many Malvern homes also have furnaces that are 15 years or older. Although there is nothing wrong with that if the furnace is still working and operating properly, it is much more likely to break down and stop working than a newer model. Call us right away if your home's furnace is over 15 years old or isn't working properly. Residents in Malvern and Central Indiana can rely on us for furnace replacement in Malvern.

PJ MAC HVAC's specialists have vast expertise and experience in all aspects of heating and air conditioning, from boiler construction to indoor air quality solutions. For over 50 years, we have been among the industry leaders in Malvern, and we owe this to our excellent service and the relationships we have created and developed with many repeat customers.

How Can You Tell If Your Furnace Is Failing?

Most of the time, your heater will not die on you out of nowhere. Your furnace will most certainly give you signs that it is nearing the end of its life. Such things to keep an eye out for or be mindful of are:

Furnaces normally have a lifespan of 15-20 years.

Any heater that has not been adequately handled and is more than ten years old is normally on its last legs. It will most likely have one to five years of useful life left, so pay careful attention to its results and your energy bills so you can notice when it begins to fail on you.

Your home is insufficiently heated.

A seemingly obvious sign like this is often overlooked or attributed to factors other than your furnace's efficiency. However, regardless of any other variables in your home, your furnace's role is to get your house to the ideal temperature. Simply put, if your house is too cold and does not hit the temperature you like, your heating system is likely in need of maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

What Factors Do You Consider When Purchasing a New Furnace?

If it has been found that your furnace is beyond repair and must be replaced, selecting a heater from the kit may be difficult. It can appear that all furnaces work and act the same way. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind, including:

AFUE (annual fuel use efficiency) rating

The AFUE rating, or Annualized Fuel Use Efficiency rating, of a gas furnace tests the heater's efficiency. A 96 percent gas furnace, for example, means that 96 cents of every dollar spent is used to heat the house, while four cents is wasted and exits the flue pipe.

The kind of furnace (gas or electric)

When selecting a heater, you will need to decide whether you want a gas or electric furnace. Since the two styles of furnaces are so different, you'll need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both before making a choice.


One of the most important factors to remember when purchasing a heater is the warranty. Inquire about our components and labor warranty before purchasing a furnace. Meanwhile, the state of Indiana has a two-year labor warranty. It should not be marketed as a bonus or feature.

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