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If you suffer from seasonal allergies or a respiratory condition such as asthma, the revolutionary air purifying system can be beneficial to you. This system, which is mounted in your furnace, will minimize allergens and other pollutants in your air, making it easier to breathe. It is an ideal option for both residential and commercial property owners. Your home would be more comfortable and welcoming for all with enhanced indoor air quality.

At PJ MAC HVAC, we believe in consistently delivering high-quality, skilled services. Our PJ MAC HVAC furnace installation specialists are no different. Before being recruited, all of our technicians are subjected to background checks and drug testing. We are also dedicated to keeping current on the latest in indoor air quality facilities. We have always been a family-run company. We are also as enthusiastic about what we do as the day we first opened our doors.

The Operation of PJ MAC HVAC Systems

The PJ MAC HVAC ionizing air purifier is simple to install near the return of your furnace and works to increase the indoor air quality of your entire house. The system generates ions, both positive and negative ions, and releases them into the air stream. These ions degrade contaminants and clean the air by binding to them and removing the hydrogen molecules – bacteria cannot survive without hydrogen. The PJ MAC HVAC air purifying device is low maintenance and produces no harmful byproducts.

How Can I Keep My New Furnace Safe?

Our technicians at PJ MAC HVAC will assist you with both furnace installation and preventative maintenance in Springfield.

Our heating, cooling, and indoor air quality service technicians perform bi-annual (spring and fall) HVAC system maintenance. During these regular checks, we will ensure that your device is functioning properly and resolve any issues that might arise. Our maintenance program ensures that you will not need to call emergency heating services for several years to come.

The following items will be maintained:

  • Air filter cleaning and replacement
  • Testing the thermostat's activity
  • Inspection of heat exchanger safety cameras
  • Debris removal from your condenser machine

We value our Springfield customers who call us for Furnace Installation work. If you're having problems with your AC unit, call (833) 756-4822.

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