Furnace Repair Broomall

When the weather turns cold in Broomall, we all depend on our furnaces to keep our families warm and comfortable. We're here at PJ MAC HVAC to provide timely and affordable furnace repair services to keep your home's critical heating system running. You can depend on our team at any time, even for emergency furnace repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For friendly, expert furnace repair in Akron and the surrounding areas of Broomall, contact us online. 

Call us for furnace diagnostic and repair if you find any of the following symptoms of a malfunctioning furnace:

  • Strange furnace noises: If you hear strange or irritating furnace noises, let us locate the loose screw or failing component and repair your furnace as soon as possible!
  • Odd odors: Your furnace may smell a little strange the first couple of times you use it for the season, but the odor will fade. It's time to call PJ MAC HVAC for quality furnace services, including repairs, if you find a persistent burning smell or a heavy smell of fuel near your furnace.
  • Problems with the start-up: A broken thermostat or faulty wiring connections may be the cause of a furnace that won't turn on.
  • Problems with the pilot light: The pilot light in your furnace should be blue. If the flame is yellow or another color, there may be a furnace ventilation problem that needs to be addressed by a professional.

If your heating system is producing little or no heat, let us inspect it for leaking ducts, a defective thermostat, or other furnace issues.

Costs of energy are rising. Allow us to inspect and repair your furnace when its efficiency begins to deteriorate, and we'll help you lower your monthly bills. You should also consider an annual furnace repair visit from one of our HVAC technicians as a preventative measure.

If your CO detector goes off, turn off your furnace right away and open the windows for ventilation. There could be a deadly carbon monoxide leak in your home. To keep your family safe, call your gas provider to rule out a gas leak, then contact your trusted HVAC experts at PJ MAC HVAC for repairs.

Services for Furnace Repair in Broomall

When it comes to providing furnace repair for our customers, our team loses no time and makes no compromises. We take pride in applying our expertise and experience to meeting your repair needs as one of the best local HVAC contractors in Broomall, and we bring to bear the full extent of our abilities to ensure you get prompt service that gets the job done right.

When you need a nearby furnace contractor, contact us.

The air coming out of your furnace is very cold.

The furnace makes strange or noisy noises.

The furnace has a leak.

The pilot light on your gas furnace isn't turning on.

After finding and using the reset found in the blower compartment, your furnace will not restart.

Your furnace filter is clogged (which can cause overheating or a furnace that won't turn on).

Your thermostat isn't responding, or your furnace isn't cooperating with it.

Is your home's heater broken? Call (330) 423-0585 to speak with one of our furnace troubleshooting experts right away!

Is it better to replace a furnace than to repair one?

Simply stated, it is debatable. Even though many people choose to fix their furnaces, there are many cases where replacing your furnace will save you a lot of money and time. Replacement becomes not only a viable choice, but the preferred option in terms of overall price and efficiency, if you need repairs too often (annual repairs are not common! ), if your maintenance costs are too high, or if your furnace is about 10-15 years old.

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