Furnace Repair Bala Cynwyd

Is your furnace still sometimes working? Making unusual noises? Call the experts at PJ MAC HVAC before the weather turns cold. Our technicians will arrive on time to thoroughly inspect your furnace and suggest the best repair or maintenance options. When it comes to keeping the Bala Cynwyd Metro area warm this winter, PJ MAC HVAC has you covered in both areas!

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Signs that a Furnace Repair Bala Cynwyd is on the Way

Some indications of furnace repair are more visible than others. When your furnace malfunctions, it is always a safe idea to contact a professional as soon as possible. Getting prompt service would avoid further damage and potentially save you money on the repair.

If your furnace exhibits any of the following symptoms, it might be time to call for service:

  • Strange noises emanating from the furnace
  • Water leaking or pooling in the vicinity of the furnace
  • Inadequate heating and cooling capabilities
  • There is a lack of airflow coming from the registers.

Any of these symptoms may indicate that there is a problem with your furnace. When you contact the experts at PJ MAC HVAC, you should expect a thorough review of your device as well as a detailed repair that will address all of your concerns.

With daily servicing, a typical furnace can last 16­-20 years. Having your furnace tested on a regular basis would also ensure that it is working smoothly, saving you money on heating bills and unexpected maintenance costs.

Maintain your furnace on a regular basis. When you contact PJ MAC HVAC for annual or bi-annual maintenance on your unit, you should expect the following inspections:

  • If necessary, clean or replace the air filters.
  • The furnace control screen, limit control, and gas valve must all be inspected.
  • Examining the pilot light's activity and the thermocouple's status
  • Examining the thermostat's relations
  • The blower motor and run capacitor are being checked.

We suggest that homeowners have their furnaces tested at least once a year to ensure that everything is in working order. Having the furnace inspected until the weather turns cold reduces the likelihood of requiring emergency repairs in the winter.

My heating system appears to be in good working order; do I need Furnace repair service in Bala Cynwyd?

Any type of heating equipment can require repairs at some point in order to maintain optimal comfort and energy efficiency. When it comes to heating system repairs and when they are needed, the most obvious conditions where repairs are clearly warranted are those that prevent the furnace or other form of HVAC system from supplying heat to the home or turning on when signaled.

Unfortunately, not all heating system malfunctions provide such obvious indicators that Bala Cynwyd homeowners can schedule repair service. Just because a system fault does not cause the equipment to shut down or stop heating does not mean it is not significant – continuous operation of heating equipment when system malfunctions occur may cause additional damage to system components right under your nose, as the heating unit continues to operate.

To keep your heating system in good working order, be aware of when you can need heating repairs. For the more difficult-to-detect issues, knowing what minor symptoms they can cause as the device operates with malfunctions present is helpful. PJ MAC HVAC describes a few primary warning signs showing the need for heating unit repairs – call us at the first sign of these symptoms:

  1. Strange noises coming from the heater, heat pump, or other heating equipment

The faint hum of a daily heating cycle as it starts, continues, and finishes, as well as the fast click of the thermostat relaying instructions to the heating unit, is familiar to Bala Cynwyd homeowners. Some new noises made by your heating equipment that are not part of the normal sound of activity are cause for concern. Different types of noises from the HVAC machine indicate different device problems – grinding can be caused by worn bearings in the blower motor, a noisy bang at the start of a heating cycle indicates dirty burners, and so on. Call us and tell us about the noise you heard so that our technicians know where to begin when conducting diagnostics on your heating device.

  1. Heating cycles begin and end quickly.

A standard heating period lasts 10 to 15 minutes, possibly longer on a very cold winter day. When heating cycles are just a few minutes long, this indicates a device problem known as short cycling. Short cycling is troublesome for heating equipment because it strains the device, increases component wear and tear, and causes excessive energy use – not to mention that comfortable conditions inside the home are difficult to achieve and sustain.

  1. Constantly adjusting thermostat settings

When you set the thermostat to any temperature, the thermostat tells the furnace or HVAC device to operate until the desired temperature is reached within – once the heating unit turns off, the desired temperature should be reached within your living areas. If you find that your home just isn’t comfortable despite the thermostat reflecting your preferred settings, it’s a normal reaction to set the temperature a little higher, and a little more higher, and so on to get your home to the cozy temperature you want. If, on the other hand, you have to continuously turn up your thermostat to remain relaxed while lower temperature settings were adequate, there is most likely a problem with your thermostat or the heating equipment itself.

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