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PJ MAC HVAC takes pride in providing excellent customer support as well as timely, cost-effective assistance for heating and cooling systems. Our Delaware County heating repair technicians have helped countless homeowners in the region since 2013, and we might be able to support you as well. A properly functioning heating system reduces your total carbon footprint, keeps your home comfortable, and lowers your utility costs. If your heater isn't working properly, don't hesitate to contact our highly regarded Delaware County heating and cooling company!

Common Signs of a Faulty Heating Unit

Having a heating system that is well-maintained and in good working order will keep your home warm while also lowering your energy bills. If you suspect that your machine isn't functioning properly, keep an eye out for common signs of a broken heater.

Here are some typical signs that your heating unit needs to be serviced:

  • Will not turn on
  • Cold air is being blown, but no warm air is being blown.
  • Strange sounds
  • The fan is not blowing.
  • The circuit breaker is always tripping.
  • Inadequate pilot light
  • Dripping or leaking
  • Wiring flaws

Sounds You Might Hear From Your Furnace Due to a Burned-Out Capacitor

Furnaces may be noisy at times, and you might be worried that your furnace isn't working properly. Here, we'll go through some of the various noises that a furnace can make and which need the attention of a Delaware County furnace repair specialist.

What furnace noises may indicate:

  • Your ductwork is most likely expanding or contracting. as it heats up and cools off
  • Grinding: This occurs when the motor bearing fails. To fix this problem, contact a specialist.
  • Banging: You might have a dirty burner that is not properly igniting. Fall maintenance includes inspecting and cleaning these.
  • You should have loose panels that need to be tightened or replaced if you hear rattling.
  • Squeals are usually caused by a belt problem. The belt connecting the motor to the fan can need to be replaced.

Heating tune-ups safeguard your investment.

Consistent maintenance is important if you want your heating system to last its entire lifetime. Heating tune-ups not only increase performance and extend the life of your device, but they also avoid expensive and unexpected breakdowns. A tune-up is particularly necessary right before the cold season, when your device will be exposed to unexpected strain after being unused for an extended period of time. Second, in order for a warranty to remain valid, it will necessitate routine maintenance. It's a good thing to know if this is the case so you don't inadvertently void the warranty.

Why isn't my heater working?

Although Delaware County is known for its humid, sunny days, the desert nights can get very cold here. When the temperature drops, the last thing you want is for your heater to fail. There are two common reasons why it won't turn on.

Why Is Your Heater Working?

The thermostat sends information about the outside weather to the heating machine, telling it when to switch on. If it is damaged, the heater will not know when to turn on.

Circuit breaker: A circuit breaker is a device that prevents homes from electrical overload. If you use too many electrical outlets at once, the circuit breaker will trip. This will trigger your heater to shut down.

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