Furnace Repair Springfield

Contact PJ MAC HVAC right away if your furnace starts to malfunction or if it has been a while since your last maintenance service. Our routine furnace maintenance ensures that your machine is in good working order and ready for the winter.

For years, we have been the experts to call for furnace repair and maintenance in Springfield. We are well-known for our quick response times, low prices, and professional customer service. You may depend on our experts for service regardless of the age or type of your furnace.

The furnace is making unusual noises. There is no such thing as a totally silent furnace, but you should be able to tell when your furnace is making odd noises. These sounds are usually bangs or moaning, and they indicate that your furnace is having lighting issues or has a loose belt. Schedule professional service if the sounds become habitual.

Problems with the thermostat. When they notice their home's heating isn't working, almost every homeowner turns to the thermostat. They increase the temperature in the hope that this will solve the problem. Even turning it up to the highest setting does not guarantee a solution. An inspection would have to be performed by a professional.

The pilot light is changing. If you schedule an examination and the diagnosis is a yellow pilot light, carbon monoxide is present. This issue must be addressed immediately because toxic levels of carbon monoxide are lethal.

The unit would not remain turned on. If your furnace won't stay on or takes longer to start than normal, it may be due to defective wiring or a faulty ignition. A furnace that won't turn on, like most issues, can deteriorate over time. In the Springfield area, you can rely on our experts for prompt and effective furnace repair.

Increases in heating bills that were not anticipated. It is not unusual for your energy bills to rise during the winter. If your heating costs are excessively high compared to previous winters, your furnace could be overworking itself, triggering the price increase. In addition to reducing the likelihood of a furnace failure, having it serviced will reduce your monthly heating bill.

Is Furnace Maintenance Necessary?

The quick response is yes. Furnace care keeps you happy throughout the year and saves you money by preventing expensive repairs. It is important to have your furnace serviced once a year to ensure that there are no issues and that it is ready to work for you during the winter. Furnace care delegated to experts eliminates the need for you to be concerned.

Advantages of Furnace Maintenance:

  • Make sure your furnace is tuned up on a regular basis.
  • Avoids expensive maintenance, which saves money.
  • Manufacturer guarantees make life easier.
  • Stay warm during the winter months.

PJ MAC HVAC provides furnace maintenance in Springfield to keep you warm all year. Our PJ MAC HVAC entitles you to two repair services a year. Contact our team to learn more!

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