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Our NATE-certified technicians will provide you with affordable heating and furnace repair in Villanova. We arrive on time, carefully listen to your questions, and walk you through your furnace repair options. Furthermore, with our No Surprise Pricing, the price we quote for HVAC repair is the price you pay. That's it.

We at PJ MAC HVAC are dedicated to keeping you and your family warm and comfortable throughout the year, including on the coldest winter nights. Our Service Partner Plan ensures that your heat pump, furnace, and air conditioning system in Villanova can operate at peak efficiency and protection during the season. Priority heating and cooling service in Villanova will ensure that your issue is resolved quickly. Yes, no matter how cold or busy it is, we'll bump you to the front of the line! In addition, you'll get a 15% discount and won't be charged overtime, except on weekends or holidays. That kind of assurance can only be given by PJ MAC HVAC.

Is your furnace making strange noises? Is it cold in some areas of the building, no matter how much the heater is turned on? Is it true that the vents aren't emitting any heat? Both of these indicators point to the need for Villanova furnace repair. We can fix any heating problems you have in your Villanova home. Our Villanova heating specialists at PJ MAC HVAC will be able to properly diagnose and repair the problem quickly.

Call one of our customer service representatives to make an appointment right now. We recognize that you already have plenty to think about, and that you depend on this most simple comfort feature to function properly. Let's take care of your furnace repairs today, so you can get back to enjoying the peace and comfort of your home.

Why Isn't My Heater Working? The Furnace's Troubleshooting

It could be a pilot or ignition control issue if your gas furnace isn't turning on. The diagnosis can differ depending on how old your furnace is. An intermittent pilot or a hot surface ignition system is used in modern gas-fueled heaters. It's possible that the furnace's ignition control is malfunctioning, or that there's another mechanical problem. It's best to leave the diagnosis to our HVAC specialists. You don't want to void the warranty or create another issue.

A fuse or breaker could have exploded or tripped if your electric furnace or heat pump won't turn on. The heater's power supply and the circuit breaker can also be checked. We'll need to troubleshoot the issue if those seem to be perfect. A thermostat failure is one of the most common causes for a gas or electric furnace not turning on.

Do you have a broken thermostat?

If the thermostat is broken, the heating system will not operate. This is the unit that regulates the amount of heat generated by the furnace and operates it. The heater may not turn on at all, the fan may not turn on, or there may be only intermittent heat. During the testing process, our technicians would be able to detect a thermostat problem.

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